Ep. 1 - A Blow to the Head: Muhammad Ali’s Early Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury

The disastrous interview with Ali’s ring doctor Ferdie Pacheco

To write Muhammad Ali’s biography, author Jonathan Eig had to start somewhere. Tune in to find out why his interview with ring doctor Ferdie Pacheco was like taking a punch to the kidneys—and what he learned about Ali’s early signs of traumatic brain injury. Hint: Pacheco noticed it right after the first Ali vs. Frazier fight, if you can believe that (check out next week's episode for footage from the fight). 

Despite the obvious signs of traumatic brain injury, few people tried to prevent Ali from getting in the ring. The truth was that no one could have stopped him even if they wanted to. There was simply too much money involved. 

Get the details about the impact boxing had on Muhammad Ali’s health in Jonathan Eig’s book "Ali: A Life": http://bit.ly/EigAli

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