Ep. 2 - Muhammad Ali: A Fight He Couldn’t Win

Whores, Wars and a Big Discovery

Turns out that Ali didn’t limit his fighting to his time in the ring. Listen as Jonathan Eig drives around South Florida with Muhammad Ali’s second wife Khalilah, digs through her closets in search of lost letters—and why Shakespeare's words still ring true: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

In the clip you can hear that Khalilah is actually rooting against her husband. The question is WHY?  See what actually happened in the fight below.

After Ali's second marriage came to an end, Khalilah went on to live a fairly simple life. Author Jonathan Eig met up with her a few times until he finally earned her trust. Then she shared her side of the story. 

See what was in the priceless letter Jonathan found under Khalilah’s bed in his new book "Ali: A Life": http://bit.ly/EigAli

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