Ep. 9: The World's Greatest?

Muhammad Ali is known as “The World’s Greatest,” but not every boxing aficionado agrees. Jonathan Eig breaks down Ali’s three stages of fighting and why his final boxing tactic might have been his biggest mistake.

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NEW: Release of Muhammad Ali Playlist

Every athlete needs a pump-up playlist, even the World's Greatest. To get yourself psyched for the day, that big conference call at lunch, and the release of Ali: A Life, listen to Jonathan Eig's Muhammad Ali-inspired playlist. Get down with legendary artists Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and even recordings of Ali himself. Available now on Spotify through the link below.

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Ep. 7: The World’s Greatest Record Player

Author Jonathan Eig keeps an eye on eBay while he writes, looking for Muhammad Ali memorabilia. As a collector of Ali’s cologne and bed sheets, when he saw a listing for Ali’s record player, he had to have it. Listen to how a childhood record player unlocked a hidden story of the later years of The World’s Greatest.

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"Big, complex, and memorable!" Pulitzer Prize winner T.J. Stiles.

"Finally Muhammad Ali has a biography as big, complex, and memorable as the man himself—as close as any book can come. From panoramic views of Ali's place in racial, political, and cultural conflicts, to gripping accounts of his fights, to vivid close-ups of his outsized personality and relationships based on new sources, Ali will fascinate you from beginning to end."

—T.J. Stiles, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Custer's Trials and The First Tycoon

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"Eig in a knockout," Jane Leavy.

"Some people want to grow up to be an astronaut.  Or maybe even president.  Or heavyweight champion of the world. I always wanted to be a story teller.  The hardest story to tell is one that’s been told and told well before.  In ALI, Jonathan Eig, a fearless reporter, as relentless on his turf as Muhammad Ali ever was within the ring, has taken on one of 20th century America’s biggest, baddest, most important stories and told it bigger and badder than it’s ever been told before.  ALI: A LIFE floats like a butterfly and stings likes a bee.  Stop the fight. It’s over.  Eig in a knockout."   —Jane Leavy, New York Times best-selling biographer of Sandy Koufax and Mickey Mantle.

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"Ali is a tour de force!" Dr. Randal Maurice Jelks, University of Kansas.

Ali is a tour de force! It is an independent, insightful and masterful assessment of ‘The Greatest!’ Eig’s biography puts flesh and bone on Ali’s fuller humanity. It is a must read for sports fans, boxing fans, students of American history, culture and religion.”--Dr. Randal Maurice Jelks, professor of American Studies and African American Studies, University of Kansas.

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Ep. 6: “How Much You Gonna Pay Me?” - Rahman Ali

$1,000. That was Rahman Ali’s price for one answer about his older brother, Muhammad. Thankfully, Jonathan Eig’s persistence and connection with Ali’s manager, Gene Kilroy, earned him an interview with Rahman, and a closer look into the personal life of Muhammad Ali.

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Ep. 5: Meeting Muhammad Ali: Take Two

After one failed attempt, Jonathan Eig will stop at nothing to meet Muhammad Ali. This time, he brings a sidekick, and finds himself sitting just outside Ali’s bedroom. But will his efforts end in victory, or another vicious blow to the author’s book and lifelong dream?

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Ep. 4: Meeting Muhammad Ali: Attempt One

Telling the life story of Muhammad Ali meant spending a lot of time with people who knew him. But what about meeting the man himself? Jonathan Eig knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get to Muhammad Ali, and time was running out.

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Ep. 3: The Don King Show

For two years, Jonathan Eig tried to get in touch with Don King, and when he did, he asked him one question that could have gotten him killed. He lived to tell the tale about one of boxing’s most successful promoters. In this week’s episode find out what Don King, Muhammad Ali and a Christmas party have in common.

"Bravo!" —Ken Burns

"Finally, after so many works focusing on this fight or that, the whole man, the whole life, is presented here.  And what a revelation it is--to be able to see how this remarkable man was shaped by his world, and how that world was, in turn, profoundly influenced by this exceptional and complicated kid from Louisville.  Bravo!" —Ken Burns

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Ep. 2 - Muhammad Ali: A Fight He Couldn’t Win

Turns out that Ali didn’t limit his fighting to his time in the ring. Listen as Jonathan Eig drives around South Florida with Muhammad Ali’s second wife Khalilah—and why Shakespeare's words still ring true: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. See what was in the priceless letter Jonathan found under Khalilah’s bed in his new book "Ali: A Life": http://bit.ly/EigAli

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Ep. 1 - A Blow to the Head: Muhammad Ali’s Early Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury

To write Muhammad Ali’s biography, author Jonathan Eig had to start somewhere. Tune in to find out why his interview with ring doctor Ferdie Pacheco was like taking a punch to the kidneys—and what he learned about Ali’s early signs of traumatic brain injury. Get the details about the impact boxing had on Muhammad Ali’s health in Jonathan Eig’s book "Ali: A Life": http://bit.ly/EigAli

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